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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 27, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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day, right? people in coats? no. neil cavuto is not wearing a coat, either. >> by i am, a battery maker in trouble and pulling the plug on millions of your tax dollars. welcome, everyone, i am here for neil cavuto in "your world." not too long ago the vice president biden said this. >> everyone is catching on, folks, the industry is transforming itself, and we believe americans are ready to embrace that transition. you folks, you folks standing right here on this floor, are on the ground floor of that transformation. >> well, it was not enron, but, enter one, but like enron, it is imploding and like solyndra taking taxpayer tass money --
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taxpayer money down bit. >> i will not walk away from the promise of clean energy. >> we have to think about the future not look at the past. invest in solar and wind and biofuels. >> government support is critical in getting new ideas off the ground. >> the president needs to "wick -- wake up." when president obama or biden show up and loan money to an energy plant, that company is bankrupt. >> kiss of death. and 80 percent of the department of energy loans $80 billion, went to donors of obama and 11 more companies totaling $6.5 billion are on the verge of bankruptcy similar to what we find with ender one.
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what obama is doing is trying to force, classic government, the more the plans fail, the more the planners fail. the fact that solar is only 1 percent of electricity does not stop them from putting money in, this latest, it makes the battery for the volt, another example of them trying to "juice" the market with their ideology but it is failing. >> part of the problem, solyndra lost $353 million and we found out a big investor in solyndra was a bundler for the obama administration and now this company will take down $118 million of taxpayer money. are there any junior -- major dough bomb -- josh -- major obama donors? >> this company a wife was a
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former kennedy staffer, they are creating marks where it does not exist and putting a war on fossil fuels and the congressional research service said the united states is literally the number one source on the planet and we are having difficult tapping it. right now nasa gal, we will be the largest exporter of liquified natural gas by 2016. >> more importantly, should the taxpayers be on the hook or involved in trying to develop these technologies? or let the private sector risk? >> that is the key. when government is involved, the rods and technologies with the most merit are not funded. i was at the senate environment and public works committee and a company came to the congress for a hand out it is because they failed in the private sector and the taxpayer becomes the funder of last resort and it is who you lobby, who you have given money to and who the connection is.
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imagine not 1970's we had this with computers and the government would give money to ibm or bill gates, can you not have the government playing winners and leaders or you end up with huge fraud and abuse. >> mr. obama is finishing up a five-state tour, fundraising tour, but check this out from phoenix, arizona, early in the week. the motorcade, as he does green energy speeches. 22 vehicles in that motored kid. >> al gore at the like earth urged people to take bicycles to work and city transit, but when is the last time al gore was on a city bus? this is the example of the power elite telling the the masses how to live their likes and they do not follow it and they are rewarding their friends with big contracts beyond anything we can have imagined just a few years
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ago. >> thank you sore were. now to the presidential race, president obama is leading both mitt romney and newt gingrich in potential head to head matchups. so is the bashing between these two guys only helping this guy? political guru thinks so. larry, tore -- for me when they were going back on forth on who not, not who spoke for or lobbied for fannie mae and freddie mac but who, actually, had it in their stock portfolio do we care? >>guest: it got silly and petty. and, unfortunately, that is what happens to intraparty fights. it happens whether the democrats are doing it or the republicans are doing it, and of course, the republicans have the contest. does it help them? of course it doesn't. they are creating tv ads for president obama in the fall.
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now, i guess they have to do it or they feel they have to do it because they are in a life-or-death struggle for the nomination but of course it doesn't help the republicans in the fall but it is january. people forget quickly. >>neil: it is john and frankly there have not been a lot of races decided. but the florida race is, coming up, first romney had the least and then back to newt gingrich and now romney is up by a few percentage points. did last night's debate change? >>guest: the reason gingrich was up an average of nine points early in the week was momentum from south carolina. but, what we have seen in this contest during the entire republican contest, is, that when one candidate gets to the top, the other candidate stages a comeback and that is what is happening here, so this is a
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critical come back. this is making a big difference. in romney wins it will be much more difficult for gingrich to come back in february because most of the contests are already tilted to romney. >> both romney and gingrich like rubio as a vice presidential pick. tell us what would be the stronger ticket against president obama in november? gingrich and rubio or romney and rubio? >>guest: well, it is no contest if you judge bit -- by the polls today were the polls we see not key swing states show romney tied or even sometimes ahead of president obama and with newt gingrich, president obama is leading, five, six, ten points, so do the national surveys. so, all we have is what we have now, and those polls suggest that a romney contest against
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president obama would be much more competitive than a anyone give contest. >> so rubio doesn't help one or the other. >>guest: well, i would say that he brings a lot to any republican candidate. he could bring florida, in particular, i think, to romney, and, he gives the republicans an opportunity to make a difference with hispanics all across the country. >>neil: well leave it there, thank you. romney taking the campaign to cape canavaral this hour, and we know he is not going to call for a colony on the moon association what can we expect, and carl is there. there it is, that is one of the two centers of nasa, cape canavaral, how will they respond to the heated debate and the interesting interchange about the moon and a colony. >>carl: well, mitt romney went after newt gingrich in the debate gore that and said it was
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a bad idea and criticized him aggress every, and, as did rick santorum make the point that when the government has $14 trillion or $15 trillion debt now is not the time to add a colony on the moon but newt gingrich is a long time space fan and he has been making proposals like this for decades and there are many in the space program who think it is a good idea and do not expect mitt romney to say it is a good idea. he will talk about belt tightening account need to get the private sector involve, and when you listen to what he said last night it is evident that mitt romney thinks sometimes the big ideas that come from newt gingrich are not just bad ideas but sometimes a little bit harebrained. listen. >> the idea that corporate america wants to go off to the noon and build a colony there, it could an big idea but not a good idea. and, we have seen in politics, we have seen legislations and newt has been part of this, you
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say what the state wants to hear, you come to florida and want to have a colony on the moon. it is exciting on the space coast. >> romney ticked back the preceding states and talked about the different local issues newt talked about and the promises made in this time of promised balanced budgets will just not happen. >> you are sitting on the east coast, central florida, and it has a tendency to go toward gingrich, right? south florida could be moving toward romney. what is the familying? >>carl: if you look at the geography of florida newt gingrich is looking for conservatives in the panhandle which is more to the right but there are fewer votes. and the corridor from coast to coast, the gust to the atlantic, that is where the vast majority of republicans live, and especially tampa and orlando and
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you put those communities and surrounding neighborhoods those that is 40 percent of the vote and that is where they will campaign most aggressively for swing republican voters, the conservatives to moderate. south florida, a lot of republicans in miami county, but, most of them, miami dade, but most of that danny, and that is why the battle over immigration was so the last night and pitched gingrich and romney against each other. florida is a swing state if the general election, and in the republican race, the polls and the information on the ground, even the body language from the campaigns suggests as the headlines say romney has an advantage headed into the weekend and because there was no major game changer on behalf of gingrich, the romney trajection seems to be growing in steam. >> thank you. we are going to hear from the
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last man to walk on the moon. the guy who he sides with later not hour. but, first, what is this? no, not spring break, this is the crowd gearing up for neil's florida primary coverage. he is definitely a lit with the ladies kickoff on tuesday at 4:00 p.m. with jack welch, donald trump, and home depot co-founder and continues on fox business network starting at 7:55 p.m. with all the big money guys and the political guys. you will not want to miss it. newt is going negative and using huckabee to do it. >> if a man is dishonest to obtain a job, he will be
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>> remember when newt gingrich said this? >> the fact is, more people have been put on food stamps by president obama than any president in american history? >> well, now, the president is saying this. >> first of all, i don't put people on food stamps, people become eligible. second, the initial expansion of food stamp eligibility happened under my republican predecessor, notnd me. >> but do the numbers prove him right and the president wrongst two former presidential candidate, mike huckabee, whether we are becoming a food stamp nation. what do you think of the response of president obama to newt's nickname, the food stamp
1:17 pm
president. >>guest: well he is factually incorrect the fact is more people have become eligible and, therefore have signed up for food stamps unpresident obama than ever before. so, what newt gingrich said is correct. the nonsense they qualify or the program was expanded, what newt gingrich said is factual. more people have gotten on food stamps under president obama as he has been president than before so it is true. >> in the food stamp program they say under obama it has increased by 45 percent in three years. now, that is a massive jump in entitlements. >>governor huckabee: the issue is not that people are gettinged for stamps but frankly it is a lifeline. i'm not antifood stamp. i'm antipoverty. i'm antiunemployment. and the real tragedy is this reflects not so much a growth in food stamps but a coe lap --
1:18 pm
collapse of the job market. and they are having to turn to government programs rather than cashing their check on friday and buying groceries. >> we wanted to do another topic but the last chart shows an increase in food stamps and all we hear from the administration is we have started to turn things around. it accident look like that? >>guest: it doesn't account unemployment numbers have ticked down but they are far, far worst than he predicted. >> and now an ad that newt gingrich has been laying we learned it is running in florida. take a look. >> if a man is dishonest to obtain a job he will be dishonest on the job. >> what kind of man who mislead just to win an election? this man. mitt romney. mitt romney said he is always voted republican when he had the opportunity. but in the 1992 massachusetts primary he had the chance to vote for george h.w. public or
1:19 pm
pat buchanan but he voted for a liberal democrat instead. >> do they ask for your permission? >>governor huckabee: didn't, and they would not have received it. i have asked several candidates to pull ads down that did something like this and we made it very clear, that was not authorized. newt gingrich said i approved this message, well, i didn't approve that message. >> what were you talking about. >>governor huckabee: that spot, which was back in december of 2007, never mentioned mitt romney by name, it never said anything about mitt romney, it was a general statement that was, frankly, applicable to any candidate who was being dishonest in his or her attempt to become president. so it is taken out of context of a general view and specifically applied to mitt romney taxpayer i said that about mitt romney and if i said it now, none of which is accurate and i think that the ad is in itself deceptive. >> do you want newt gingrich to
1:20 pm
pull that ad down? ing i would love him to. bringing me into this, i have not endorsed anyone and i am not endorsing mitt romney and i am not endorsing rick santorum or newt gingrich or ron paul. i will support the candidate who gets the nomination but it makes it appear i am taking a position which i am not. >> thank you, governor. and new numbers today suggest that democrats just getting started pumping up 9 -- the union numbers. [ female announcer ] this is not a prescription.
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>> the state of the union is getting worse, with member falling like a rock with new
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information come out in a report. and our chief washington respondent has been digging through the report. what did you find? >> union membership in america grew by 50,000 people last year. but, the figure overall is the lowest it has been since the great depression. and now, in 2011 there were just shy of 15 million union members in america. that is down 1.5 million from two decades ago and the percentage of working americans enrolled in unions was down. in the private sector the rate was down to 6.9 percent unchanged from 2010 but a drop from 12 points from the early 1990's. in the public sector bib laying -- big labor, a third of cops and teachers and foyer fighters is unionized and that has been stable. analysts and labor unions not vicingly differed why the numbers are what they are and what they tell us, and despite
1:25 pm
unprecedented partisan political attacks on workers' right and insecurity of the crisis, the union member increased slightly and it is telling as our company recovers the jobs lost during the great depression good union jobs are coming back. >> what is happening, it is a function of the economy. when the economy is down, jobs are down. but, union workers will be particularly harmed because of president obama's policies. >> specifically, he cited "president obama's war on fossil fuels," the largest increases in union membership were in construction, health care services and retail trade. >> thank you, james. how will democrats respond to today's weak union numbers? your tax dollars will support a lot more union friendly causes. and my guest is with the daily
1:26 pm
call. what struck me, overall, union membership may have grown but where it did grow was in the public sector. governments are hiring more and more union workers and in the private sector it is shrinking rapidly. >>guest: of course, government is a sector that does not have competition but the numbers of memberships have been decreasing, people realize that unions are too powerful and they only hurt the businesses that hire them. if you look at polls only one in ten nonunion worker wants to organize, people realize that unions are not what they are cracked out to enand they would rather cooperate and coordinate with their supervisor than to work against them. >> what does that mean? does that mean the in unthat has been spent on unions supporting democrats and democrats supporting union causes we will see more of that in 2012? >>guest: unions have always been a powerful political force and obama knows this and is
1:27 pm
using this to his advantage. if you look, we learned that the number one beneficiary of obamacare waivers are unions which represent half a million workers, and they got the waivers. so, obama know was she doing and he is telling the unions i am helping you out and now i am in campaign mode and you need to he me. >> so indiana is trying to become a right-to-work state which is not good for union member. >>guest: it will continue to decrease, and it has been decreases sin the 1950s when a third of american workers were part of unions and it continues it decrease over the decade. >> so what does that mean? the numbers, the number of dollars spent by unions on presidential campaigns and other d causes, has been literally approaching 100 percent, sometimes in excess 90 percent.
1:28 pm
>>guest: the democrats are their friends and they will continue supporting them but, overall, americans see unions as sort of bullies. we saw what happened where scott walker in wisconsin and everyone saw that, and they are just getting a bad reputation among americans. >> and, also, obamacare will he over the summer, and the supreme court will hear both sides and hear the argument, what does that mean? >>guest: well, i think eventually unions are going to try to push obamacare and work to try to make sure that nothing happens to obamacare, but, hopefully, american people will see through it. >> thank you, michelle fields. as unions start to show signs of weakness an independent government group wants to give them more power. we told you yesterday of the national labor relations board wanting to force companies to give your private phone number
1:29 pm
and e-mail address to union leaders. today, we wanted it know if that is even legal. attorney says ... >>guest: not is much so. look, there is a limit. you are in america. you want your phone number private, don't you? there is a mandatory requirement for employers to give unions your home address. at the assumption that you just cannot answer the door, the unions can only go door-to-door and you can accept their propaganda or paperwork, but a phone number and mail, don't you think that is a bit intrusive. >> is it legal? >> we will see a major fight, there will be a big art, it is not legal. unions can not come into your personal space. they can present theirselves to you if you with like to know about them you can find out. >> sounds logical, but, why do
1:30 pm
they thing they have the right? and is there a law that says i am a private company, i'm not even a public company, i still have to turn over i over my employee's phone numbers and e-mail? >>guest: that is what the nlrb chairman wants to do after his questionable appointment. he said i will increase union membership and this is a way do do it because what happened when people are faced with the unions, and the union members coming to you, they feel pushed against a wall, so when you are getting a private phone number, a private mail, it starts to become intrusive, is there will be constitutional questions. >> i don't want my phone number published anywhere. and now a young guy the get my phone number? >>guest: from your employer,
1:31 pm
so fox will have to give your private phone number to a union representative. it is not appropriate or proper. what will happen we will have major constitutional challenges to the appointment of the chairman. >> this is why the recess appointments matter. you have to be careful on who the current administration is appointing when congress and the senate is in recession. if ron paul drops out, will his fans still help the g.o.p. get in the white house? a warning for any republic looking to write off ron paul straight from the wellches. [ male announcer ] the inspiring story of how a shippingiant can befriend a forest may seem lie the stuff of fairy tales. but if you take aw the faces on the trees...
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as with all medicare supplement plans, you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts medicare, get help paying for what medicare doesn't... and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. >> if ron paul drops out of this race, could he still decide this race is not secret paul is dead indicated fans, and that is why jack and suzy welch say if the g.o.p. botches the exit it could blow any chance of winning the white house. the former c.e.o. of g. e. joining me with his wife and author. >> tell us, sir, ron paul is very, very important in the race. why? >> when someone exits the campaign, like someone exits a company, you have to be sure
1:36 pm
they are treated with dignity. you give them absolute special treatment. in a company you give them good severance and treat them well because they could become a customer or slyer and in a campaign, look at how well the obamas did with hillary clinton, they gave her a plane, and sent her around the world with a big title and they gave joe biden next to the president. >> so what do you suggest we give ron paul? >>guest: very nice treatment. we with give him speeches, we listen to the lot form. >> you cannot say, well, don't let the door hit you as you leave the room. you have to acknowledge his idea, his message, because he is very passionate followers, and they will come back to haunt the republican party. if they are not acknowledged. the same way an low who and not
1:37 pm
let go with dignity and face savings comes back to haunt a company. >> the question that is popping out in people who are political junkies are we doing this to appease republican paul to make sure he does not run as a third-party candidate? >> well, we have a couple of things. one, ideally we would take that eight to 12- to 15, you pick a number, percent of people he has, young, vibrant people who dot know normally pull the lever and entice them to think about voting the republican nominee because ron paul will be on the morning shows, the talk shows, and he could come on "the 5" with you guys and make a pitch for the nominee. we have kids in our house, now, who are absolute ron paul fanatics and we have their friends over and ron paul has some heated, passionate young
1:38 pm
followers that would love to chantture the republican nominee. >> what is a good job in any future administration be it romney or newt gingrich or even santorum, what would be a good job for mr. paul? >>guest: you know, ron paul's views are different from those other candidates so i think that the role would probably have to be advisor, but a real advisor, i don't see him especially with his foreign policy views about defense, being part of an administration, he is far out. and his issues are, that is what differentiates him, he takes different issues and makes the case. but this is something for them to negotiate, maybe he has in mind a role inside the administration that everyone can agree on, and they better listen to him, and if it is possible, make it happen. >> maybe he can make a case to
1:39 pm
congress, to deal with the fed in a different way. >> i tell yous you are sitting the nail on the head, get him involved with the monetary policy, keeping him away from the foreign policy, down the other end of the hallway. sir, allow me both of you, this is from the paul candidacy who says "we have a lot of admiration for mr. welch and appreciate his we we respect for dr. paul's supporter and the countless young people our campaign has energized to get involved in the process, and the only point he misses is that dr. paul has a paths to the nomination through down stream nomination focusing on the caucus and convention process and we plan to work for victory both in tampa and in november." so it sounds like he is thanking but says don't write me off just yet. >> and that is a valid comment
1:40 pm
he has made and i wish him well in his ideas but i would bet the few cents i have that the end of the game dealing with him is going to be very important issue for whoever the nominee is. >> what if it does look like it will be newt gingrich or mitt romney and ron paul threatens to go third party do you still support the man? >>guest: well, ron paul has, look, maybe -- i believe ron paul is not able to tell a lie about this because he says so many things that weirdly honest all the time. he doesn't have that political led it button and i think when he says he has no plans to run a third party campaign heel not. but say he $maybe he decided to go for it, do we support the man, ron paul, we will hope that
1:41 pm
ron paul's followers vote for someone who selectable. >> so, you are a supporter of mitt romney but you want ron paul to seven aside assuming someone will put him in, in some advisory role? >>guest: no, i don't want him to step aside the when he decides to step aside, when he comes to that conclusion, treat him with every bit of respect you can because you want him to be an ally of yours going forward. that is clearly the message. >> thank you, jack and suzy welch, for joining us. great do have you on the floor. >> nice job on "the five," it is really g. >> we love that show. >> we love that show. >> all right, thank you, guys. so, is he a visionary or just out of this world? newt gingrich want as permanent presence on the moon, and the last man to walk on that moon
1:42 pm
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visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. >> and newt gingrich said he wanted to build a moon colony, a base for 13,000 americans to live, and mitt romney saying this is an enormous expense we can not afford, and the last man to walk on the moon is joining us. you say not time to do that? not time to run to the moon? >> well, i am ready to go tomorrow morning, everyone knows my position, i want to go back to the moon more than anybody else, but, to do it by 2020 andable colony is far fetched
1:46 pm
when you are considering the financial crisis we find ourselves in, in this country. you know, you think back, it was just a few years ago that mr. obama canceled constellation our path to the moon by 2020, and terminated the space shuttle, and here we are, today, and ironically, this happens to be the 45th anniversary of the apollo one tragedy, the fire where we lost three of our colleagues before we got our first steps to the noon -- moon, and we are without the capability of putting an american in space on american hardware probably until close to the end of the decade. so, how can we go to the moon by 2020? i'd love to be the person to take us there but it is out of the question. >> captain, a gentleman said one small step for man and a giant
1:47 pm
citizen for mankind, are you sure we should not start the process now? >> no, we should start the process, we should start putting those people, we have lost a big foundation of our technical talent and we have people, now, in other industries, we have to save what we have, we have to reinspire those young people to want to go into science and technology and give them something, give their generation something to look for, the answer is, yes, we need a visionary, someone to look into the future but we need a program with a different nation, with a mission, and i publicly called our existing space program a "mission to nowhere," we need a mission to somewhere and focus on it with sustainability, and someone who is willing to make the commitment, some leader, the president of the country who is willing to make the commitment who has the vision but who is
1:48 pm
practical enough to know it we have to do it one step at a time. one small step for mankind, and one small step for a man, one big step for man kind, and, you know, 50 years later, kennedy's challenge to the american people to do what most thought was impossible and we are sitting here with empty hands and what we will not do someone else will do tomorrow. >> right next to you on the screen, there is a live shot of cape canavaral in florida, a romney event the day after he suggested to newt gingrich he would fire anyone that suggested we go back to the moon. that cannot play well in that neck of the woods. remember the florida primary is on tuesday. >> well i heard that last might and i think he said that in the environment that the country finds itself today, someone in a
1:49 pm
private sector says them put our money in high risk, that is why i feel so strong about the importance of this being a government-led program into the future, the risk is too high, and the investment is too great and the intellectual capital that is needed has to be that of a nation of people, and, i have looked closely and i have decided to put my support and at least give whatever i know in terms of information and commitment to the space program to mitt romney because i believe he is the one who could put it together and who does have the vision and is willing to make the commitment. >> thank you very much for your time and for egg you -- everything you have done and i take that as a romney endorsement. >> and i enjoyed that picture of you when you were about 15 years
1:50 pm
old. >> thank you, and newt gingrich talking about rubio as a possible number two. should joe biden be worried? be - it's been 3 weeks. so i had to pick up some more things. good thing i've got the citi simplicity card. i don't get hit with a fee if i'm late with a payment... which is good because on this job, no! bigger! [ monica ] i may not be home for a while. [ male announcer ] the new citi simplicity card. no late fees. no penalty rate. no worries.
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>> i thought about rubio in a more dignified and central role than being in the cabinet but that is another conversation. >> newt gingrich hinted he wants senator rubio to be his running mate but he is not the only one, mitt romney has rubio on the v.p. short list, too, if obama d ce president biden be vod out? it could happen according to my guest. rubio saidhe would not be vice president but i dot believe that, do you?
1:54 pm
>>guest: he has a good chance, the right looks and republicans looking for someone who has energy. >> so, a rubio -- romney-rubio and gingrich-rubio are the formulas that could unseat president obama? >>guest: in a normal election year the vice presidential ticket has no ever debt but in a year in which voters are so unenthused by the top of the ticket the way they were in 2008 and again this year, they could have a significant force in terms of getting people to the polls and injecting a jolt of energy. >> so immigration has been a hot topic the last couple of debates. take a listen from last night. >> is he still the most antiimmigrant candidate? >> of the four of us be yes. >> that is inexcusable. inexcusable. and, actually, senator remember
1:55 pm
i don't came do my defense and said the ad was inexcusable and help appropriate. rhyme not anti-immigrant, my father was born in mexicos my wife's father was born in wales and the idea i am anti-immigrant is repulsive. >> what do you say? who won that interchange? >> romney actually did quite well there and he struck at a chord that most americans, republican or democrat, can identify with. the fact, everyone in america is at some level an immigrant so when romney came to his own defense, that resonates. the more important thing in florida they are looking at remember i don't in terms of the hispanic vote. he is conservative. the darling of the tea parent. and he happens to be hispanic which could have an impact. >> are we looking at a situation where the vice presidential candidate is more important than the presidential candidate? >> not more important but the thing to pay attention to is both gingrich and romney have
1:56 pm
been questions, their conservative credentials are questioned and neither has an intuitive grasp of free markets or limited government, and putting someone lick -- like rubio is a cue to conservative voters we have not forgotten you and that is.he is significant. >> thank you for joining us today. >> they are not cheering for their favorite presidential candidate but cheer because neil cavuto is covering the florida primary first on fox news at 4:00 p.m. with jack welch, donald trump, and congresswoman noem, and then back on fox business when the results roll in, and, if you don't get it, guys, demand it. now i have to get over to "the five," across the breezeway have a great night, everyone, see you
1:57 pm
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